Photos taken in Adelaide & Ayers Rock Australia March 2005.

My late wife June and myself decided to visit my sister in Adelaide.

We had not seen my sister and her family for over 30 years after they emigrated to Australia in 1974.

We spent three weeks touring around and spent five days with my sister.

It was nice to meet up with them all after so long.

We had some nice BBQs with them all.

But it was hard to say goodbye.

Text Box: Above my sister Maureen & my late wife June.

Left, Maureen, June & John,

Maureen's husband.

Right, that was as far into the water June would go.

None of the family would go into the water because they are all scared of any sharks. They do get shark attacks in Adelaide

I did enjoy going into the sea, it was great.

Text Box: Here we are at Adelaide airport ready to start the trip home.
We went out via Honk Kong, and Singapore on the way home.
We stopped over in both locations for three days.