Short Mat Carpet Bowls, Monday evening @19.30 & Tuesday Morning @ 9.30am.

We have two mats in use.

Please contact Rose Tizard, 01983 526921 , or just turn up.

No problem if you have never played before, we have all the equipment needed.

We have plenty of off road parking, so come along & join in.


Camp Hill Community Sports Club, Quarry View, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5ZA. T/P 01983 527225                         

Short Mat Carpet Bowls 2019/2020.


Short Mat Bowls Rules & Equipment.

Thanks to for this extract from their web site re Short Mat Bowls Rules

The game is played over a much shorter length than the flat green game. The carpet is between 40-45ft (12.2m – 13.7m) and 6ft (1.8m) wide. At both ends, there is a fender, and 1ft (0.3m) in from the fender there is a white line, representing the ditch. There are other white markings on the carpet but players would be best appraised of the reasons for such markings by studying the rule book.

Equipment to be used is the same as that for playing on the larger indoor or outdoor surfaces. There are regulations as regards the weight or size of the bowl to be used but, in the main, those who have the necessary equipment for playing the outdoor or full-length indoor flat green game would be correctly set up to play the short mat game.

The basic skills required for playing the short mat game are exactly those for playing the flat green game indoors and outdoors. These are, of course, line and length. Any short mat player must practice and perfect both as far as possible. He must develop a good ‘eye’ for the line and a good ‘feel’ for the weight he needs to bowl a correct length.

The fact that normal-size bowls can be used will also assist the player in developing his individual grip. He will also learn that it is essential to get the body as close to the playing surface as possible, and he will certainly learn the importance of the speed of the arm coming through to enable him to bowl the required length.

Because the mat is only 40-45ft (12.2-13.7m) long, it can be laid on a large variety of surfaces, providing the surface is flat, and so leisure centres can be used. Usually more than one carpet can be laid because such centres offer an abundance of floor space. Halls of every description are usually acceptable, even if the carpet has to be laid diagonally. Short mat offers the extra bonus that the carpet can be taken up, rolled and stored away at the completion of the games, thereby enabling the hall to be used for any other function.

It is yet another advantage of the game that players can be protected from the weather and are therefore reasonably sure that they can play their game at the date and time arranged. There are several bowling clubs that play the short mat game during the winter months in their club pavilions and it has been known for some to extend their existing pavilions to accommodate this short mat. Such actions speak volumes for the popularity of the game as a whole.

As well as the reduced length, the short mat game has also introduced a block. This block is 15in (4.6cm) long, 3in (7.6cm) high and not more than 3in wide, and is placed at the centre and across the mat. Any bowl that touches the block on its course across the carpet is declared ‘dead’ and removed. It also has another purpose. Over such a short distance, it would not be too difficult for a bowler to use a heavy bowl to disturb or break up the head.