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Pulmonary fibrosis - what is it?

Pulmonary means Lungs

Fibrosis means scarring

So pulmonary fibrosis means scarring.

And then there is the idiopathic version. What does that mean?

Idiopathic means "nobody knows"

Nobody knows where the scarring comes from. Nobody knows how to treat it. And nobody knows why it progresses.
As it progresses the lungs become stiffer. The stiffer the lungs become the harder it is to breathe. And the stiffer the lungs become the less oxygen gets into the bloodstream.

Some Pulmonary Fibrosis patients often deteriorate relatively quickly, but just as many survive much longer, and again nobody knows why.

The pulmonary fibrosis trust www.pulmonaryfibrosistrust.org was set up to help patients suffering with pulmonary fibrosis. We help them by sorting out the challenges of living with oxygen. By providing stairlifts we help them to remain in their own homes. And by providing mobility scooters we help them to escape from their own homes.

As yet we can't do very much at all to help the 15, 000 patients in the UK who suffer with this illness. But by helping the pulmonary fibrosis trust we can at least giive them a little bit if freedom as they battle with the illness.

Malcolm Weallans